Air-dry Clay; 3D Printing ; (My) Hair ; Found Objects (razors, blades, rusted wires); Yarn
This mixed-media sculpture highlights the internal dichotomy that I often face. The violent & sharp side of the sculpture signifies the part of me that is self-destructive at times. The calming galaxy-colored yarn signifies the universe & my persistent belief that the world is taking care of me. These two sides of my personality create an imbalance in my state of mind which often has me spiraling down a slippery slope. The 3D printed spiral follows the rules of the golden ratio & depicts perfection. Paradoxically, this perfection is made from imperfection, as I designed the spiral using striated strands which represent imperfection, continuous work & strain which is required for the formation of something perfect. The spiral is symbolic of the part of me which is a result of my imperfections and flaws. 

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