Watercolors & Natural Pigments; Pen & Ink on Handmade Paper of waste bean-husk
Intrigued by the mundane nature of a mere bean, I tried to explore its intrinsic diversity: this is a story which attempts to exfoliate the imbedded story of a an object as irrelevant and random as a bean. This puzzled folding of papers traces the journey of a bean, exposing its ‘personality’ and ‘story.’ On a journey to explore the different facets a singular structure may possess, this manifold concoction is a take on a conventional storybook which chronologically scaffold the story of a bean. This is a visual narration which reconnoiter the multi- dimensional nature of a bean from its ancestral origins (as an amoeBaEAN organism), to its evolution to edible lentils, while visiting Jack’s legendary Beanstalk, and even the Chicago ‘Bean’ en route. The use of paper made out of bean-husk reiterates the idea of the versatility of a bean, which is one of the central themes of this artwork.
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