Charcoal on paper and the pages of the 'Savitri' : a spiritual book of meditation                                           which emits a vibe of internal peace as each line of the book sounds of the syllables which were emitted during the inception of the world: AUM. 
The enclosed room is a model of the ‘Inner Chambers’ of the Matri Mandir: a room for meditation. The interactive installation elicits the audience to enter the room and indulge in mediation for short periods of time. This artwork attempts to allow the audience to indulge in self-exploratory, internal contemplation. Through this I intend to make the audience experience peace and internal solace, as I have, on several occasion, been privileged to experience in the Matri Mandir. The charcoal figure drawings are symbolic of the external chaos and mayhem described in the Savitri (each drawing corresponds to a quote from the book) 
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