Newspaper, Sewing Machine
13th March, 2020 

The day after India decided to close off its borders. The day before I had to fly out of the US due to the Corona Virus pandemic. I looked back at the newspaper from this date, also the last day we had a physical newspaper be delivered to our home, and saw all the prevailing world events which were cluttering my mind at the time. Headlines which referenced Iran and their plea to the IMF, Italy and the abandon that it faced, colleges which asked students to pack up, and even the despair regarding the Kashmir lockdown. This spread also happened to have my favourite section in The Times of India: the Speaking Tree, which imparted wisdom for these “days of covid” and coincidentally a short section of movie reviews also referenced the only movie I actually watched this lockdown: Angrezi Medium. 

I wanted to create a mind map of sorts... a representation of my own thoughts at that time which come off so articulately through this newspaper spread... an entire neural network which was imprinted not only in my own mind, but rather was part of a collective consciousness which flowed through us all globally. The newspaper a mind map of my thoughts, the red threads neural pathways pulsating through my brain. 
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