Ink and Acrylic on Paper 
This artwork is a realistic representation of the ways in which I escape as I sit in my chair in my own ‘Escape Corner.’ The realistic drawing is abstracted progressively. The 3 modes of escape, each of which are characterized by different emotions and experiences represent abstract thoughts and ideas which increase exponentially based on the intensity of escape.
The first drawing is a realistic representation which signifies my escape on a superficial level: when I am escaping with only slivers of complete release (indicated by the interspersed yellow patches). This artwork has the least abstractness as it represents escape on a rather superficial level. The second drawing is blurry and distorted and therefore represents the lack of clarity and feeling of confusion and haziness which can be a result of escaping. The level of abstraction increases, as it allows for deeper escape. Lastly, the third drawing is a mirror image of part of the artwork, which depicts the process of self-reflection when one escapes. It is completely abstracted and therefore signifies the deepest level of escape which catalyzes introspection and self-discovery. 

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