Screen-Printing on Handmade Paper, Khadi Fabric Covers, Natural Jute String 
“Healing with the Heart” is an entirely handmade, sustainable and eco-friendly initiative towards non-allopathic healing in the midst of the CoVID-19 pandemic. This is a set of healing cards that are based on the premise of psychosomatic healing and Bach flower therapy, and serves as visual aids for anyone who wishes to HEAL THEMSELVES with nothing but their own occult mental and spiritual power.
Pain is the body’s way of crying for help and attention. By sending love and happiness to your cells, you can rid yourself of any and every ailment. However, it can sometimes be hard to visualize this process of healing; thus, these healing cards will aid you in your journey of healing yourself.  
“Most dis-eases today are deemed to be psychosomatic. If our mind has the power to physically ail our body, doesn’t our mind also have the occult power to heal every part of our body?”
The proceeds are being donated to the Shri Aurobindo Society to fund the essential and often neglected spiritual education of women and girls all over the country. 
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