Embroidery on Denim 
Pain is the body’s way of crying, of getting your attention, of informing you that it is unhappy. If you send love to your body, your body will never cry out in pain. Healing dolls help you send loving energy to your body. 
Sometimes it’s hard to imagine yourself sending showers of love to a specific organ or region. They say visuals are the best way for humans to memorise, conduct and action, and heal. A healing doll helps you look at your own organs, and send them love which is enriched through the power of visualization. 
Each healing doll is customized based on which organs you think cry out the most in pain, and need loving kindness, or those organs which you want to send the most love to! Each organ is stitched the colour of maximum healing as YOU perceive it (we figure this out through a series of meditative techniques which help you become your own bodies greatest healer)!
Anatomical render of the human organ systems: 
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