‘घर’ is based on the concept of moving from one home to another, and the damage that can result of such sudden and unprecedented displacements (as was the case with me when I had to leave my home in providence to come to my home here in a day). We get damaged and affected deeply by such drastic changes. I collected these different family heirlooms which are visual archives of the history experienced by not only the fabrics themselves but my family too. The damage they have incurred from being transported and displaced: the holes, rips, tears are similar to emotional damages we as humans face when moving from one home to another. I wanted to mend these fissures in this cloth to spark a discussion about the healing we undergo after such displacements and have repaired all these old items using appliqué and रफ़्फ़ु (darning) techniques from India to repair these shards of my घर (home). This is based on the idea of healing despite irreparable damage that can be faced by all objects and organisms alike and repair which is not bashful but rather proud. 
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