Plaster of Paris molded by casting human noses in Sodium Alginate, placed on a Plaster-coated Tablet
This relief-sculpture depicts the paradoxical homogeneity and diversity of human identity through the biological feature of a ‘nose’ through the exploration of the concept of the ‘Circle of Life,’ based on continuity, which in this case is characterized by the essential need to breathe. Each individual has a unique identity, which is a cumulative result of his or her discrepancies, whether physical, intellectual or emotional. Despite this, each of us are fundamentally similar in essence. This deep-rooted similarity of humanity as a whole is typified through the simple structure of a nose, which although vastly variant in its physical attributes, exists to serve the function of ‘living,’ in species across the spectrum.
Each nose depicted in this artwork is the same size as an actual human nose, amplifying the overall effect of conveying the homogeneity and contradictory extrinsic discrepancies of the anatomical structure. The reel of gold, resembling a wreath or even a halo, serves as constant reminder to humanity of the necessity and subsequent ‘holiness’ of this mundane structure regardless of the chaos that surrounds it.
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