Hand-Embroidered Thread-work on a Plastic, filled with bean- husk, Packing Material
This interactive sculpture invites the audience to sit comfortably on a bean bag, which represents a vital human organ: the kidney, and is filled entirely with ‘packing material’ which is made out of bean-husk. While sitting on it, the audience may view a video projected right across. This is a satire on the disoriented muscular stress that the kidney, endures when the body is taxed with long periods of sitting. The creation of the bean bag is a commentary on the trend of ‘binge eating’ which is often a result of ‘binge watching’ of TV shows, both of which cause detrimental health disorders. A sedentary lifestyle is encouraged vastly in today’s digital world by the upcoming cinematic industries such as Netflix, which biologically harm and gradually dismember the body due to the mere act of sitting. Hence, this artwork attempts to actively induce a sense of awareness in the audience.
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