Hello! I'm Yukti. 
I am an artist, designer & social activist from Mumbai: where I was born, and Providence: where I am currently studying at Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design. I am currently pursuing a dual degree in Textiles & Theory and History of Art and Design as well as Contemplative Studies with a Creative Arts Track and an Engaged Scholarship Certificate.  
In 2017, I started a Non-Governmental Organization focused on attempting to help raise funds for the education of the girl child in India: a country where girls are denied education and seen merely as objects of the patriarchy called 'Handmaking Hope.' We work at the intersection of fund-raising though art, activism and Indian culture. 
I have a passion for creating art (especially artist's books) about societal issues, the shared global heritage of arts & crafts, & my own lived experience. I have had solo and group exhibitions of my fine art pursuits in Mumbai, New Delhi, Providence & Chicago.  My artist books are a part of the permanent collections of the many library Special Collections. 
I am an avid yogini & mindfulness facilitator. After practicing Yoga daily for 15 years I received my diploma in Yoga & Meditative Studies and use it to teach underprivileged children every weekend. After 2 years of research I also launched a series of  healing cards called 'Healing with the Heart,' which empowers the general public to heal themselves psychosomatically through the visual aids provided in a post-CoVID era. 
I have worked with design tycoons such as Pavitra Rajaram, Sabyasachi and Goodearth. During an internship, I co-headed the production of the 'Tea on the Blue Sofa Collective,' a collection of luxury products for the design firm Pavitra Rajaram Design
I currently work with the RISD Museum in the Costumes+Textiles Department under the curator: Kate Irvin. I am a Teaching Assistant for senior critics such as Masha Ryskin, Yevgeniya Baras and Ken Horii. Additionally, I also am a section editor and staff writer and illustrator at The College Hill Independent and in the past have freelanced for publications such as Youth Ki Awaaz and The Herald. 
cv available on request // contact me for commissions & questions : yuktiagarwal00@gmail.com
I have an inexplicable love for all textiles ; you will find me curled up with a book on Indian history very often ; I love collecting cups and mugs ; I gave up tea because I refuse to support the colonial power that hides behind the industry ; I often feel sad & need a hug ; I need to see at least one new art museum each year ; I have an obsessive love for flowers and all things natural ; I make hand-made ice-cream when I am at home ; I love getting inspired by the people around me ; I love my home and my country more than anything in the world ; and I am proud to be a woman of color in design 
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