Oil Paints; Hand-embroidered Threads; Digital Printing on Canvas; Flowers of Parchment & Corrugated Paper; Kaolin Clay; Natural Pigments; Wire
The audience views the self-portrait on a mirror with the superimposition of a symbol of my spiritual guru, signifying 12 virtues such as peace, serenity, and humility. This artwork is a plea to society to view me through the reflection that I choose to show them: that is through a spiritual lens. It is a visual manifestation of my triumphant escape from being a reflection of people around me, and transitioning into a substantial individual, who is a product of the essence of humankind and the universe: which is indispensably the twelve virtues radiated onto my being. This artwork is an exposé on my self-image as I see myself as a reflection of these values projected on me. The flowers hanging off the portrait correspond to each of the flowers that have been attributed to the values of the ‘Mother’s Symbol.’
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